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Besides purchase and sales invoices your administration consists for the most part of bank transactions. Make sure Yuki is familiar with all your corporate bank accounts, credit cards and possibly online payment providers.

In every company it sometimes occurs that it is difficult to differentiate between corporate and private transactions. As a whole this is not a problem for Yuki, it is advisable though to only submit the corporate transactions as much as possible. a few tips to better organize this:

  • Open a separate bank account for your corporate expenses and use this bank account as much as possible for paying your corporate transactions. Pay your private expenses as much as possible from your private bank account.
  • Ask also for a corporate debit card. When you withdraw money always consider if it involves a corporate or a prive transaction.
  • If you rarely use your credit card for corporate transactions, only upload the invoices and receipts of corporate expenses with a note that you have paid them in private.

If there is more than one partner in your company who is using the corporate bank account for private expenses then make sure the correct name of the partner is always mentioned in the description of the invoice or the receipt.

How can you submit bank transactions? There are three possible methods:

  1. Empower Yuki to download them automatically from your bank. At the moment this is only possible for ING, Rabobank, ABN AMRO and Knab bank accounts.
  2. Download them yourself via internet banking and next upload them in your administration in Yuki.
  3. Scan the paper bank statements and upload them in your administration in Yuki (in very exceptional cases).

Method 1:  retrieve bank transactions automatically from your bank

If you have an ABN AMRO, Rabobank, ING or Knab bank account it is possible to automatically update your bank transactions daily in Yuki. This is realized by a socalled accounting link between your bank and Yuki.

For a detailed description of the ABN AMRO, ING and Knab accounting link see category Links.

For a detailed description of the Rabobank accounting link see article Rabobank accounting link.

Method 2:  download and upload bank transactions

Almost all banks offer the possibility to export (or download) the transactions of a certain period and save them as a file. You can then upload this file again to Yuki. 

Export/download bankfiles via your own internet banking environment

Check before you export the bank transactions until what date you have exported them before. This is shown in the last column of the overview of all bank accounts in Yuki. if a bank account doesn't exist in Yuki yet it will be created automatically. You only have to specify in which administration it belongs.

Yuki supports several export formats of a number of banks.

Bank name                 Supported export format

Bunq bankMT940
Fortis bankMT940 (.sta)
MT940 Grote Beer (.sta)
ING bankMT940
CSV (if MT940 is not available)
Knab bankMT940
RabobankMT940 Structured (.swi)
CSV (if MT940 is not available)
Triodos bankMT940 (unstructured)
Van LanschotCAMT.053
MT940 Structured

For a detailed description of downloading files via your own internet banking environment see article List of supported bank export formats.

If you do not have an original file from the bank to import your historical transactions, you can use the standard Yuki bank format for importing bank transactions.

For a detailed description and an example of this standard yuki bank format see article Standard Yuki bank format (import).

Upload files to Yuki

For a detailed description of how to upload files to Yuki see article Upload files from PO Box.

Method 3:  scan bank statements

Yuki only accepts scanned paper statements if the electronic bank transactions are not available (anymore).

For a detailed description of scanning documents see article Scan documents with Scan Wizard.

Credit card statements

It only concerns the corporate credit card. Statements of a private credit card should not be uploaded in Yuki. Corporate expenses paid by a private credit card can only be processed through the receipt or the invoice.

If it is not possible to upload the statements electronically then just scan the paper credit card statements. Make sure you also submit the receipts and invoices of the credit card expenses as much as possible. This is important with regard to reclaiming your VAT.


The credit card statements of the ING bank can be submitted as a downloadable PDF file.

Only the credit card statements shown below can be uploaded electronically in Yuki.

Bank name                                              Supported export format

ABN AMRO          CSV (van Business Card)
CSV (van Business Card)
ICS (International Card ServicesCSV
American ExpressCSV


The ABN AMRO Professional credit card is only used by private persons and therefore cannot be uploaded as a CSV file.

Online payment providers

Yuki supports the following payment providers:

 Bank name                        Supported export format

PayPalCSV (Kommagescheiden - betalingen die het saldo beïnvloeden)   
Mollie betaaldienstenMT940


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