In Yuki it is possible to import the data of MultiSafepay as an electronic file. In Yuki all MultiSafepay accounts will be placed in a separate Online payment providers group.

You have to submit your MultiSafepay transactions in MT940 format.

In what way you can download MultSafepay files is described below.

MultiSafepay business

  • You log in to MultiSafepay Control

  • Go to 'Rapportage' and next click 'FinanciĆ«le export'
  • Select the period for which you want to download transactions.

  • Select the 'MT940' export file format.

  • Select the currency that need to be mentioned.

  • Next click the 'Rapportage genereren' button in order to download the file.

Hereafter you can submit the downloaded file to Yuki at which time the file will be processed.

For a correct processing of the bank file in Yuki all sales invoices and the purchase invoice of MultiSafepay also have to be uploaded in the administration.

Your earnings on your MultiSafepay account have to be transferred periodically to your corporate account. After logging in to MultiSafePay Control you choose 'Financieel' and next 'Saldo' in the Dashboard.

In the screen now opened you can choose to schedule automatic payments where you can also reserve an amount. In the same screen It is also possible to withdraw an amount manually under 'Saldo opnemen'.