Bunq is an internet bank that offers all their services via an app on your mobile phone.

In Yuki it is possible to import the bank statements of the Bunq bank as an electronic bank file.  

You have to submit your Bunq bank transactions in MT940 format in Yuki. 

You have to go through the following steps in order to download a bank file of your corporate account with the Bunq bank: 

  • Log in in your Bunq app
  • Select the business account(s) from which you want to download the statement
  • Go to 'Instellingen'.
  • Click 'Exporteer overzicht'.
  • Under 'period' you enter the from ... (date) to ... (date) for which you want to download your statements.
  • Under Format, select 'MT940'
  • Then click the 'Exporteer overzicht' button.
  • The socalled communication screen of your smartphone is opened and you can download the statement.
  • You can now save the file.
    In most browsers the file will be saved in the 'Downloads' folder.

We strongly advise you not to open the bank file before you upload it in your administration in Yuki or send it as an attachment per email to 'your domain name@yukiworks.nl'. 

The electronic bank file will be processed automatically in your administration.