In Yuki it is possible to import the bank statements of the SNS bank as an electronic bank file. 

You have to submit your SNS bank transactions in MT940 format.

You have to go through the following steps in order to download a bank file of your corporate account with the SNS bank:

  • You log in to online banking with the SNS bank (

  • Click 'Betalen' and next click 'Bij- en afschrijvingen' immediately.
  • Select the corporate bank account. By default the preferred account is shown.
  • Click the 'Zoek' button in order to enter the start date and the end date of the period for which you want to download the transactions.
    Maximally 18 months back in time if you at least were already using online banking during that period.
  • Click the 'Download' button.
  • Select the 'SWIFT-MT940' file format.
  • The file is downloaded as a ZIP file. Therefore you first have to extract the file.
  • Save the extracted file in a folder on your PC.

We strongly advise you not to open the bank file before you upload it in your administration in Yuki or send it as an attachment per email to 'your domain'. 

The electronic bank file will be processed automatically in your administration.