Rabobank export files

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In Yuki it is possible to import credit card and bank statements from Rabobank as an electronic bank file.

Your Rabobank bank transactions must be submitted in Yuki in MT940 Structured format.

In addition, your Rabobank bank transactions can also be submitted in CSV format. However, the MT940 Structured format is preferred.

Your Business Card credit card transactions must be submitted in Yuki in CSV format.

For a detailed description of uploading files in Yuki, see article Upload files from PO Box.


In order to correctly import credit card transactions, it is important that the four last digits of the credit card number are entered in the Yuki administration.

All your bank transactions can also be downloaded completely automatically and then uploaded into your online bank accounts using the Rabobank accounting link.  

For a detailed description of the Rabobank accounting link see article Rabobank accounting link.

Download Rabobank bank file

You have to go through the following steps in order to download a bank file of your corporate account with the Rabobank:  

  • You log in to online banking with the Rabobank (https://bankieren.rabobank.nl/klanten/bedrijven/internetbankieren/betalensparen/rekeningoverzicht/downloaden_transacties/?)

  • Click 'Betalen en sparen' and next click 'Downloaden transacties' immediately
  • Choose the download format 'MT940 Structured (.swi)' or 'CSV (.csv)
  • Select one or more corporate bank accounts
  • Download the transactions from the date of the last download (maximally 3 months back in time) ór select the month for which you want to download the transactions ór enter the start date and the end date of the period for which you want to download the transactions (maximally 3 consecutive months)
  • Give the file a recognnisable file name like 'from date to date', 'month' of 'number'
  • Click the 'Bestand downloaden' button
  • You can now save the file.
    In most browsers the file will be saved in the 'Downloads' folder.

We strongly advise you not to open the bank file before you upload it in your administration in Yuki or send it as an attachment per email to 'your domain name@yukiworks.nl'. 

The check digit ensures you that you upload the same file in Yuki.

The electronic bank file will be processed automatically in your administration.

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