In Yuki it is possible to import the data of PayPal as an electronic file. In Yuki all PayPal accounts will be placed in a separate Online payment providers group. 

One of the properties of a PayPal account is the absence of an account number. In Yuki we use your login email address for your PayPal account.

You have to submit your PayPal transactions in CSV format 'Kommagescheiden - Betalingen die het saldo beïnvloeden' in Yuki.

In what way you have to import PayPal files of PayPal business is described below.

In advance:

  • In Yuki it is not possible to import PayPal transactions of a private account.
    Your PayPal account must be of the "Business" type in order to generate the correct export files. You can easily identify this type of account by the URL in your Internet browser:

  • The transactions can only be exported (downloaded) in euros, other currencies cannot be imported in Yuki.
  • The PayPal file can only contain transactions for one email address. If you have linked more email addresses to your PayPal account then you have to export the transactions in separate files and upload them in Yuki.

PayPal business

  • You log in to PayPal
  • Select 'Activiteit' at the top of your screen.

  • Select the period for which you want to download the transactions:

  • Then click the 'Verzenden' button

  • If there are transaction that fall within the chosen period then click the 'Downloaden' button at the right side of your screen.

  • Enter if necessary the chosen period once again.

  • Select if necessary 'Van invloed op saldo' behind 'Transactietype'.

  • Select if necessary 'CSV' behind 'Opmaak'.

  • Next click the 'Rapport maken' button in order to submit a request to generate the report with the transactions.

  • Now click the 'Downloaden' button in the bottom right of your screen in order to download the relevant report (file with transactions).

Now you can submit the downloaded file to Yuki at which time the file will be processed.

Error messages that may occur when importing a PayPal file


  • The import of the electronic statement has failed. Unknown import format for electronic bank statement file.


  •  The header of the PayPal file is in English and should be in Dutch.


  • Log in to your PayPal account

  • Click 'Profile' in the upper right of the screen (icon in the form of a radar)

  • Click ‘Account Options’

  • Select 'Nederlands' behind 'Language'

  • You will now see the message 'You might not see the language you chose until the next time you log in to PayPal.'

  • Log out and log in again.


  • The import of the electronic statement has failed. This PayPal statement could not be imported. It contains duplicate lines for the same transactions.

    This can for example be the case when "shopping cart" information is exported.


  • The PayPal file is downloaded on an Apple via Safari, hereby the file contains empty lines that are wrongly recognised as duplicate lines in Yuki. 

  • The wrong format is chosen when downloading the file.


  • Download the PayPal file via Chrome.
  • Choose 'Betalingen die het saldo beïnvloeden' when downloading the file.