Since 2016 it is possible to import payment specifications of in Yuki and let them be processed as bank transaction. In this way the sales invoices can be linked directly to the payment and the payment of will be linked to the bank revenue. The costs of are recorded separately as costs.

Create account

Go throught the following steps in order to create a PayPal account in Yuki:

  • Hover your mouse over the Bank icon on the navigation bar and next click Bank accounts.
  • Click the Create new online payment provider button.

  • Select the online payment provider

  • Enter the data of your PayPal account in the screen now opened.

  • Select, if applicable, the company (administration) wherein the account of your account should be created.
  • Enter the number of your account in the required Payment provider account field.
  • Enter the text that has to be shown behind the account in the overview of all accounts in the required Description field.
  • The Opening balance field can be left empty.
    Next click the Save button.

The online payment provider account is now created in your administration.

Generate files (per payment)

Go through the following steps in order to generate the files with mutations (per payment):

  • Log in on your environment in order to generate the files per payment (clearing).
  • Indicate in your account with which frequency (daily, weekly, monthly) the payments should take place.
    Here you will also find the overviews (revenue grouped by week number ór by calendar month) per payment.
  • Generate the relevant specifications per payment (clearing).

Per payment three kinds of files are generated: PDF, CSV and MT940. You have to download the files in MT940 format in order to upload them in Yuki. Subsequently the files will be processed by Yuki.