Upload is the term that is used for copying files from the hard disk of your computer to a place somewhere on the internet, in the case of Yuki, to the Yuki servers. The fles will remain on the PC, a copy is sent to your domain in Yuki.. The opposite of uploading is downloading.

The entrepeneur can upload files from the PO Box.

Here we will discuss the feature of uploading scanned documents in more detail. We presume that the documents are already (scanned and) saved in a folder on your computer.

A number of documents that are uploaded will first end up in the bundle bin. These documents need to be bundled first before they end up in the workflow from which they can be processed by the back office.

Upload files from PO Box

Click the PO Box icon on the navigation bar and if necessary click Submit in the screen now opened. Select the folder wherein you want to upload the documents and/or files and then click the Upload button.


HOver your mouse over a folder so you can read below which documents and/or files you can submit in which folder.

When you directly upload sales invoices into the Sales folder then the documents will be immediately categorized as sales invoice.


However you should preferably select the To be handled Yuki folder so the back office can determine how the documents should be processed and organized. 

When there is more than one administration present in a domain you have to select the correct administration in the following screen:

Click the Select files button in the screen now opened.  

Select all files on your hard disk that have to be uploaded in the screen now opened and next click the Open button.

Click the Upload files button whereby the files are uploaded one by one. If all files are uploaded an overview of all files will be shown. Check if you don't miss any files.

In the screen below you can choose to view the uploaded documents in a list or as thumbnails.