Standard Yuki bank format (import)

Modified on Thu, 02 Nov 2023 at 03:22 PM

If you don't have an original file of the bank in order to import your historic bank transactions then you can also use the special Yuki bank import format. You can simply create this format in Excel yourself. 

An example of the Yuki bank import format in Excel has been added as an attachment to this article.


The Yuki bank import format cannot be used for importing transactions from online payment providers.

The Yuki import format consists of the following columns:

  • IBAN (bankrekening- of creditcardnummer): May also be a shortened bank account.

    Remove all dots, dashes, spaces etc. from the bank account number.

  • Valuta: the currency of the account. EUR for euros, USD for US dollars etc.
  • Afschrift: statement number. Can be left empty.
  • Datum: entry date (notation: dd-mm-jjjj).
  • Rentedatum: date on which the transaction was interest-bearing. If not known, make similar to entry date. Cannot be left empty (notation: dd-mm-jjjj). 
  • Tegenrekening: bank account of counterparty. Can be left empty. Strongly benefits the automatic recognition.
  • Naam tegenrekening: name of counterparty. Can be left empty. Strongly benefits the automatic recognition.
  • Omschrijving: free text for description of transaction. If known, mention invoice numbers, payment reference, name of counterparty account etc.
  • Bedrag: transaction amount in the currency of the account. Positive is BIJ, negative is AF. Separate decimals by a comma, don't use thousands.

The columns need to have the correct column headings (on the first row of the Excel sheet). Use the precise same headings like the columns in bold above. You have to save the Excel sheet as a CSV file. Make sure the columns are separated by a semicolon (;).


You can also use this CSV file for the import of general journal entries, cash accounts or various entries.

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