If you log in to your domain, with one or more administration(s), for the first time, you will notice it is practically empty. The accountant doesn't know anything yet about your company and didn't receive any documents. Yuki works entirely based on information that you will submit to Yuki. All information that is not submitted can evidently not be booked in your administration. Therefore it is important that you submit everything that is relevant for your administration. Rather a bit too much than abit too little.

During the initial phase we will ask you to provide your accountant with the necessary information about your company so the employees in the back office will understand very well with what kind of company they are dealing with and which things are company specific.


The more often you submit information to Yuki the more reliable the information in Yuki will be. Our advise is to submit all information at least once a week on a fixed date. If you don't succeed in doing so then make sure all the information is submitted at least once a month. That will also save you extra costs.

Before you start you have to check if your hard- and software meet the system requirements.

This instruction is meant to guide you step by step during the start-up period of your domain. Read the various steps carefully and follow the instructions as far as possible.  You will also get useful tips regularly that will make sure that your administration will be upated correctly, fully and on time.

Step 1. Provide information about company

During the start-up phase with the accountant, the following information about your company (administration in Yuki) should be provided:

Step 2. Who will send (file) the VAT return?

During the start-up phase with the accountant, it must be established who will send the VAT return:

Step 3. Configure domain

Each user can specify his or her personal preferences in a domain; these have little effect on how Yuki works. It is also possible to specify settings that do affect Yuki's operation.

Step 4. Submit documents and bank transactiions to be processed

To really get started with your administration, it is important that all documents (such as invoices and bank statements) and bank transactions are submitted to Yuki:

Step 5. View/check processed documents and bank transactions

After your documents and bank transactions have been processed by the accountant, you have the possibility to view and possibly edit the processed data. The latter depends on your role and the corresponding rights in a domain:

Step 6. Ask questions to accountant 

If you have a question or a remark about a processed document or a bank transaction, you can ask your accountant in Yuki from different places: