Scan and upload, synchronise and/or email documents

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There are five ways to submit information to be processed to Yuki: scan and upload, synchronise with Dropbox or Google Drive, email and through the Yuki app. 

Files can be submitted in the following file formats: .PNG, .JPG, .JPEG, .PDF, .CSV and .DOCX (Word).

For a detailed description of submitting documents, see article Submit documents.

Scan and upload

You can first scan the documents to your computer and then upload them to your domain.


  • Some scanners have software that also allows you to scan to Dropbox of Google Drive. When you have shared Dropbox or Google Drive with Yuki, you will find the scanned documents in the PO Box under History or Digital mail.
  • If your scanner has a mail function, you can also use the e-mail address for documents in Yuki to submit your documents. You can find this e-mail address in 'My domain'.

    All files in the email larger than 100 KB will enter the documents to be processed workflow in Yuki as a document.

Uploading is the sending of files of your computer to your domain on the internet. You can use it to send documents that were scanned before or send files that contain your bank transactions to Yuki.

The central place for uploading your documents and files is the Yuki PO box.

Fro a detailed description of uploading files see article Upload files from PO Box.

Synchronise through shared Dropbox or Google Drive map

The most used way to submit information to Yuki is through Dropbox or Google Drive. Both are (in the base) free storage devices in the cloud. If you are already using Dropbox or Google Drive you can create a map in your Dropbox of Google Drive directory and subsequently share it with '' or for Drive with ''.

If the shared map is accepted by Yuki, we will create serveral submaps under the shared map will copy the layout of your Archive in Yuki. If you subsequently place documents in the map(s) Yuki will retrieve them and save them in the correct folder. 

If you use Dropbox the documents will then be removed from the Dropbox map. If you use Google Drive the documents will be saved in the 'verwerkt' drive map (you can empty this map yourself) 

For a detailed description of sharing a Dropbox folder see article Dropbox.

For a detailed description of sharing a Google Drive folder see article Google Drive

Email documents to administration

You can also email or let the documents be mailed. Your domain has its own email address: domain Do you have suppliers that send their invoices by email then you can also have them send the invoices to this email address directly. You can ofcourse also forward them yourself to this email address.

Besides sending documents by email to Yuki through domain, you have the following extra options:

  • If there are more administrations in your domain you can email your documents directly to the correct administration through administration name.domain The administration name is the name of the administration in which you have replaced all spaces and dots by dashes and without BV or other suffixes. For example the email address of your company BV will be your company.domain (for example The documents wil be saved in the 'To be handled by Yuki' folder.
  • Through (where my.domain stands for your own Yuki domain, for example, you can send the documents directly to your own part of the Yuki Archive (to the 'To be filed by me' folder, at no additional charge).
  • So each administration has its own email address but the domain only has one email address Yuki doesn't expect an administration name because the documents submitted to the 'To be filed by me' folder will be handled by the user. 


Al files in the email larger than 100 KB will end up as a document in the documents to be processed workflow in Yuki.

Modify email addresses

In the first place the domain name is leading when using an email address but in some cases the email address will become exceptionally long with mistakes as a result, the documents will be send to an unknown address and won't arrive in the domain. For this reason Yuki has made it possible to modify the email address of the domain/administration. 

You can modify the email addresses valid for your domain in 'My domain'.


'My domain' can be opened from different places in Yuki:

  • Click on the Switch domain icon in the navigation bar and then click on My domain
  • Click on the Home icon in the navigation bar and then click on the My domain tile
  • Click the Settings icon in the navigation bar and then, in the now-opened screen, click on My domain.

The following screen is opened:

Yuki will now show you an overview of the administrations in the domain.

Here you will find the Email address for documents column containing the email address valid for the administration. 

These addresses are composed by Yuki automatically but you can modify them as follows: 

  • Open the administration by clicking on the administration name
  • Click on the Edit button and modify the email address in the Email address for documents field on the General tab.

    Only characters and digits are allowed in the email address that you want to create in Yuki.

  • Click on Save to save the settings.

Email documents via Yuki Assistant app

A picture taken with the Yuki Assistant app will always be send to the email address of the domain. In the app the email address will be composed based on the domain name configured in the settings. Therefore the general email address will always continue to exist. 

Receive email in Yuki

If an email contains an attachment the document will automatically be saved in the 'To be handled by Yuki' folder.

Because of the wide variety of possible email address names Yuki will first receive all the email adressed to a centrally and then forward it to the relevant domains.


You cannot use the email address of Yuki in the BCC field. This address won't be imparted in the mailheader so the email won't arrive in the domain. 

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