Adding users to your domain is only possible when a user with the 'Management' role has chosen the bundle Medium, Large or Unlimited via the Yuki Store in the domain.

Only the owner of the domain or a user with the 'Management' role 'Management' can add users who have access to your domain. However, there is a charge for each additional user (with role or employee).

A role indicates which position a user has within a domain. By assigning one or more roles to a user, you determine what that user may see and do in the domain in all the administration to which he has access as a user. It is therefore not possible to define a different role for a user per administration.

For a detailed description see article Assign or change user roles in domain.


With the 'Access control' function, a user with the 'Management' role can deny or grant access to an administration at any time.

For a detailed description of the 'Access control' function see article Access control of administration(s) in domain.

Create user in domain

In this way you can create an user:

  • Open My domainfrom different places in Yuki:
    • Click the Switch domain icon above the navigation bar and then click My domain
    • Click the Start icon on the navigation bar and next click the My domain tile
    • Click the Settings icon on the navigation bar and next click My domain in the screen now opened.
  • Click the + User button

    The following screen is opened:

  • Name: select an user from your address book or enter the complete name of the new user
  • Email address: if the email address is not present then enter the email address of the new user

    The email address will be the login name.

  • Role: specify if the user should have an extra role
  • Language: select the language in which the welcome email should be sent
  • Administration rights: if you have more than one administration then choose to which administration(s) you will give the user access
  • Send a personal message: here you can type if desired a brief message for the new user.

Advanced settings

By default Yuki will automatically generate a new password for the new user.

If you deactivate this feature you can enter a password yourself and specify whether or not the user needs to change his or her password before the first login.

Specify whether or not you want to send an email to the new user, if desired you can type a personal message and next click the Send button.

The new user will receive an email containing his or her login details.