After you have submitted the documents and bank transactions Yuki will start to process them immediately. This will happen partly automatic and partly manually. Sometimes it occurs that it is not obvious how the revenue or expenses should be processed, particularly if Yuki is not involved with your administration for a long time. In that case Yuki will ask you a question about the document or bank transaction. You will find these questions in the PO box. You will also receive an email notification so you will know that Yuki has asked you a question. Check and answer the questions regularly. 

If you have noticed something, for example a document is not processed correctly, you can also ask Yuki a question. There are three ways to do this:

  • through the document
  • through the PO Box
  • through Support.


In the PO Box, you will find a total overview of all outstanding questions for you, questions pending with Yuki and the five most recent questions.

For a detailed description see article Questions (communication between back office and user).

Ask question via document

If the relevant document or transaction is displayed on your screen you can click on the Create question for back office button. 

The following screen is opened:

After you have selected one of the three options you can type your question. Click on the Send button to send the question (that contains a link to the document) to the back office. 

Only a user with the 'Management' or 'HRM' role can ask a question about the payroll administration.

Ask question via PO Box

If you have a general question that doesn't concern a specific document or transaction you can open the PO Box and then click on the Question button.

The following screen is opened:

You can now choose to ask a question about your administration, the Yuki Software, report a transaction that is processed incorrectly, file a complaint or ask a question about your payroll administration.

Based on this classification the questions will be answered more effectively. 

Only a user with the 'Management' or 'HRM' role can ask a question about the payroll administration.

Ask question via Support

Yuki Support is available to answer questions about the use of the Yuki software. You can ask Support a question by clicking on the I have a question about the functioning of the Yuki software question. Before you ask a question check if you can find the answer in our own Yuki online help.