Determine financial year and start date of administration

Modified on Thu, 27 Jan 2022 at 03:34 PM

Information about the financial year and the start date of your administration will have to be entered by your accountant while using the administration-wizard. 

It is important that the start date of your administration is entered correctly in Yuki.

Yuki processes only whole financial years. So if you outsource your administration to Yuki you will do that for a whole financial year.

The choice of the startdate of the financial year is important. The start date can only be changed afterwards when there are no bookings present in the relevant financial year.

Data concerning the financial year and the start date of your administration will be entered on the 'Administration' tab by your accountant while using the administration-wizard.

Below a number of situations are described that will have an impact on the financial year or the start date of the administration.


Young companies

Did you just start your company then it is obvious that Yuki will take care of the administration from the beginning. The year in which you started the company will be entered in Yuki. For example: you have started your company in October 2017. In the administration-wizard must be filled in that Yuki should keep your administration from financial year 2017.

Companies that exist longer than one year

Does your company exist longer than one year and did you keep the financial records of previous financial years in another way then you have to enter the first financial year that your financial records should be kept in Yuki. It is important that you provide your accountant with as much data as possible about the situation at the beginning of this financial year. We will still come back to this later.

Quickly process a previous financial year

You can also request Yuki to still book a financial year with retrospective effect. However it is essential that you still have all the relevant documents concerning that financial year.

Companies with a split financial year

If there is (bij hoge uitzondering) a split financial year then enter the year in which the financial year has started. For example: your company has a split financial year from July till June. If you want Yuki to keep the administration of the year that has started on 1th of July 2016 and ended on 30th of June 2017 then enter 2016 as financial year.

Start with administration only next year

If you have almost completely booked a financial year in another system then it is probably better to first finish that year in the system concerned and switch to Yuki only the next year. The domain that will contain your administration can already be prepared in Yuki so you can already use some other functions of Yuki.

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