An user can delete a document by clicking the trash can on top of the screen. There are three possible situations:

  • Document is scanned or uploaded and is still present in the 'To be handled by Yuki' folder
  • Document processed is in archive and is not an accounting document
  • Document processed  is an accounting document like an invoice.

When you delete documents or transactions in Yuki they are not permanently deleted immediately but will be saved in the 'Deleted documents' overview. 

'To be handled by Yuki' folder

Click the To be handled by Yuki folder in the archive. Here documents that still have to be processed by Yuki can be viewed in several ways namely by batch, as thumbnail etc. Each document can be selected and then be deleted by clicking the trash can on top of the screen.

Processed document in archive is not an accounting document

Select a document in the archive that is not an accounting document. The number of buttons that are available jn the document now opened is dependent on your role in Yuki. You can delete the document by clicking the Delete this record (trash can) button.

Processed document is an accounting document

The user (entrepeneur) is NOT ABLE to delete accounting documents. The main reason for this is the VAT return. It is also possible that payments are already matched with the invoice. However if you want an accounting document to be deleted you can click the Create question for back office button.

Through the question you create for the back office you can specify which document you want to have deleted. The back office will then decide if the document can be deleted and subsequently actually delete the document.