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The document forms the basis for the administration. Documents are saved in folders and tabs in the digital Archive and can be linked to projects. You can even assign tags to a document.

Yuki assigns a socalled document type to each document like Standard, Purchase invoice, Bank statement etc. A document can be of any file type like .PDF, .JPG, PNG, .TFF, .DOC, .XLS, .CSV etc. Files larger than 5 MB or of file type  .PPT and .MOV thus presentations, image and audio are discouraged but supported. Files that are too large can disrupt or delay the processing.

There are al lot of actions possible from the opened document. By moving the mouse above the icon a tooltip will be displayed above the button. The buttons available on top of your screen depend on the document type, the file type and the rights (roles) of the user.

Below a description is given of all the possible actions in the document types 'Purchase invoice' and 'Sales invoice'.

Document type 'Purchase invoice'

In this screen you can use the following buttons:

  1. Upload a new document
  2. Edit the information of the document
  3. Move the document to another folder or tab
  4. Display the PDF document in a separate screen in the PDF Viewer
  5. Go to the previous or the next document
  6. Link an invoice to a payment
  7. Invoice actions: perform several actions that will determine how an invoice will be processed
  8. View the details of the transaction (journal entry and possible invoice lines)
    The invoice can also be exported to UBL (.XML) from this screen.
  9. Create a task for this document
  10. Make another user aware of this document
  11. Ask a question to the back office (about the administration or report of an incorrectly processed document)
  12. Clear an invoice for payment (only available when an user with the 'Management' role has chosen the Small, Medium, Large or Unlimited bundle via the Yuki Store in the domain)
  13. The invoice is not yet cleared for payment (only available when an user with the 'Management' role has chosen the Small, Medium, Large or Unlimited bundle via the Yuki Store in the domain)
  14. Add the purchase invoice to the Desktop.


Transaction details (button 8) is only available for an user with a 'Back office' role in the domain or the 'Financial administration' of 'External accountant' role.

Document type 'Sales invoice'

In this screen of the document type 'Sales invoice' you can also use, besides the buttons of the document type 'Purchase invoice' that are already described, the following buttons when a sales invoice is created and processed in Yuki:

  1. Create a reminder for this sales invoice
  2. Create a credit invoice whereby the sales invoice is credited entirely
  3. Create a copy of this sales invoice.
  4. Generate a contract (recurrent invoice) based on the details of this sales invoice
  5. Send the original sales invoice by email
    You can also enter another email address of the recipient. This does not change the e-mail address that is registered in Yuki for the contact (recipient).


Resend email (button 4) is also available in the document type 'Reminder'. 

An open quotation can be resent by e-mail by clicking on the Resend email button.

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