Types of bank inconsistencies

Yuki detects two different types of bank inconsistencies. They are indicated by a warning triangle.

  Yuki cannot ascertain the bank balance.

Yuki has detected missing transactions. The bank balance is possibly different from the actual bank balance.

Check if you are missing transactions of specific days and export these again via the internet site of your bank. 

When determining a bank inconsistency, Yuki first looks at the most recently submitted bank statement and compares the balances on that statement with the balances on the general ledger account number. If that doesn't match, Yuki looks for possible problems. 

Possible causes of bank inconsistencies are:


  • Before looking for the cause of an inconsistency, always have Yuki determine the inconsistency again. Click on the red triangle with the exclamation mark.
  • Go through the following steps to detect possible duplicate transactions:
    • Calculate the difference between the latest final balance check and the latest bank final balance.
    • Search for this amount in the search bar.
    • Hover your mouse over the Bank icon on the navigation bar, click Bank accounts and then click the Duplicate lines button in the screen now opened. See if you can find the amount there.

Hover your mouse over the Bank icon on the navigation bar, click Bank accounts, then click the relevant bank account number in the screen now opened and finally click the Statements button. 

If all lines are coloured black then there are no inconsistencies. This is contrary to the example that is shown below.

The Opening balance check and Final balance check columns are only available to an user with the 'Back office' role in the domain.

Use of colour

  • Black/grey: the calculated opening balance and final balance by Yuki are equal to the balance submitted by the bank.
  • Blue: result of inconsistency in line immediately below, the differences don't increase.
  • Dark red: opening balance and/or final balance is dark red. The opening balance doesn't reconciliate with the final balance of the line immediately below. The final balance doesn't reconciliate with the opening balance of the line immediately above. The calculated final balance is light red. 

Even if the whole statement is coloured red, there is no inconsistency as long as the final bank balance equals the final balance check. The problem usually lies where the final balances differ.

Important to know

  • Yuki can only detect (calculate) an inconsistency if the statements are submitted on paper or in MT940 format. The MT940 format contains bank balance information and on this basis Yuki can calculate if the bank balance that Yuki has calculated matches with that of the bank.

    Belangrijke regeltypen in een MT940 bestand:
    • :25:12345789 (Bank account)
    • :28:10601/1 (Statement number less important)
    • :60F:D100415EUR9272,67 (Opening balance on15-04-2010)
    • :61:1004160416D30,N192NONREF (Transaction line on 16-04-2010)
    • :62F:D100416EUR9621,23 (Closing balance on 16-04-2010).

  • Yuki doesn't import lines that are already imported in the past, duplicate lines are skipped.
  • Yuki skips transactions of a certain date if there are already transactions imported on that date. 
  • The date shown on screen is the date of the last final balance in the submitted bank statement. So the opening balance can be far before that date.
  • At the top of your screen you can select a specific period, however in the top line of the overview under 'Final balance check' the balance of the selected period is not shown but always the final balance that Yuki has calculated over all years.
  • Each day has an opening balance and a final balance if transactions have taken place.
  • Rabobank: the name of the MT940 file mostly ends with 'swi' and contains an opening balance and a final balance for each day, regardless if transactions have taken place on that day or not.
  • ING bank: usually an opening balance and a final balance per file.
  • Triodos bank: usually an opening balance and a final balance per file.