Cause of bank inconsistency: unsubmitted statements

Modified on Thu, 25 May 2023 at 10:29 AM

Basic rules

  • Before you start to look for an inconsistency, first let Yuki always detect and calculate the inconsistency again. To do this, click on the red triangle with the exclamation mark.
  • Always calculate the difference between the final balance check and the final balance of the bank. Use the search bar to look for this amount. This is an excellent tool to quickly track duplicate transactions. 
  • Even if all the lines in the overview are coloured red, there is no inconsistency as long as the final balance of the bank is equal to the final balance check. Most of the time there where the final balances defer from each other lies the problem.

  • The final balances of the statement on 30-07-2012 and the statements underneath are still equal. The 9.469,43 euro is the final balance on 30-07-2012. On 13-08-2012 and 24-08, the final balances differ.
  • Click the date 13-08-2012 and the inported transactions are now shown. Right-click the file at the right side of the screen to open it.
  • The opening balance of the statement is on 07-08-2012. This means that the transactions between 31-07-2012 and 07-8-2012 are missing in Yuki.

Action to be taken
Request the transaction(s) from the bank, To be on the safe side request for all the transactions from 30-07-2012 until 07-08-2012.


It may happen that in a whole series of statements the final balance on the lines differ, if further upwards the final balances are still equal again the problem is not in the statement lines.

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