Background information on this inconsistency: Yuki skips transactions of a specific date if there are already transactions imported on that date or after that date.

  • Calculate the difference between the final balance and the final balance check: 842,90 - 816,61 = 26,29 euro. Use the search bar to check if this amount appears twice and act accordingly.
  • The final balance on 11-07-2012 is 2430,51 euros.
  • Click the date 23-08-2012 to view the imported transactions. Right-click the file at the right side of the screen to open it.

  • The opening balance has as date 10-07-2012 and the first transaction line bears the date 02-07-2012 and the amount is 26,29 euros, that looks suspiciously like the difference that we have calculated.
  • The transaction is not processed. If lines from statements are not processed then you can click Click here for more information in the opened statement in order to find the lines concerned.

  • Although it is not a duplicate it is however shown in that list. Click the date.

  • Click the Import button and next click the red triangle with the exclamation mark in order to calculate the inconsistency again.

The result is that the statement lines are coloured black and the inconsistency is thus resolved.