If the opening balance and the final balance of the bank both indicate 0,00 euros it means that the transaction lines are submitted in a CSV file. Still a inconsistency occurs in this bank account and this is because there is a bank balance on the upper two lines.

Action to be taken

It often occurs that you can find the precise difference between the balances. The difference between both final balances: 26210,07 – 26133,35 = 76,72 euros. 

Hover your mouse over the Bank icon in the navigation bar and then click on Electronic statements. Subsequently, in the now-opened screen click on the Duplicate lines button in order to check if there are lines that are wrongly marked as duplicate transactions.

The problem is that there is no difference between the last CSV file and the first MT940 file. The dates of both files connect nicely with each other. The date, 11-08-2011, of the first MT940 file is the final balance if the file, the date of the opening balance was 28-04-2011.

So probably the error occurs in the opening balance or there are one or more statement lines missing in the CSV statements, but that is not verifiable. This can only be verified if the customer would also submit the paper statements so you can check if there are missing statements lines.