Cause of bank inconsistency: transaction lines incorrectly marked as duplicates

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Basic rules

  • Before you start to look for an inconsistency, first let Yuki always detect and calculate the inconsistency again. To do this, click on the red triangle with the exclamation mark.
  • Always calculate the difference between the final balance check and the final balance of the bank. Use the search bar to look for this amount. This is an excellent tool to quickly track duplicate transactions. 
  • Even if all the lines in the overview are coloured red, there is no inconsistency as long as the final balance of the bank is equal to the final balance check. Most of the time there where the final balances defer from each other lies the problem.

How duplicate lines occur wrongly

When importing transaction lines Yuki checks the date on which bank lines have been imported last. Submitted bank lines before that last date are not processed by Yuki anymore and marked as duplicate.

An example:
There are transaction lines imported in Yuki on the 15th, 16th and 17th of July. On the 18th of July transaction lines were imported from the 15th until the 18th of July. If on the 19th of July transaction lines were imported from the 15th until the 18th of July then Yuki automatically skips the lines of 15 and 16 July.  

Actions to be taken

You first have to look for lines that are marked as duplicate. You can use two methods to do this:

  • from the statement
  • from the bank.

From the statement

First open the statement where the final balances differ. If it says There are one or more statement lines not imported because they were already imported before then some transaction lines are not processed and marked as duplicate.

Click Click here for more information. An overview is opened that shows all the lines that have been marked by Yuki as duplicate.

From the bank

Hover your mouse over the Bank icon on the navigation and click Electronic statements. In the screen now opened you click the Duplicate lines button.

The following screen is opened:

Subseuently choose the correct period and bank account in accordance with the inconsistency.  

Restore transactions

In order to resolve the inconsistency the lines that are wrongly marked as duplicate have to be restored. First it has to be determined which lines are wrongly marked as duplicate.

The easiest method to do this is by opening an extra tab in the browser. In this tab the same domain which contains the statement lines of the bank account has to be opened. You can do this by clicking the relevant bank account number and next select the option Statement lines in the dropdown menu.


Right-click the current tab and select 'Duplicate tab'.

Next go to the period where the final balances first start to differ.

On the first tab you will find the lines that are not processed by following one of the methods described before. You can check if there are bank lines missing that are marked as duplicate by comparing the two tabs. If a bank line is missing then open the relevant line. The following screen is opened:

Click the Import button and next click the red triangle with the exclamation mark in order to detect and calaculate the inconsistency again. If you subsequently open the bank account and all the statement lines are coloured black then the inconsistency is resolved.

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