Normally you have to submit each invoice and each receipt to Yuki separately. You cannot just put a number of different receipts into the scanner and submit them as one document. In some cases this is allowed but then the receipts must meet certain conditions:

  • The receipts may only be sales invoices

  • The receipts must be from the same supplier

  • The receipts must be of the same type. So all fuel purchase receipts or all parking tickets

  • The receipts must all have been paid in Cash (from the company's cash) or all in Private

  • The receipts must fall in the same financial year

  • You have to count the total paid and the total of all VAT and mention both on the document.

Yuki only processes the bundled receipts if the abovementioned conditions are met.


  • A Mac computer (Apple) doesn't support direct scanner control. You cannot use the Scan Wizard because of this.
  • In Yuki it is possible to scan with the Scan Wizard when using the Microsoft Edge Chromium browser.

For a detailed description of scanning documents see article Scan documents with ScanWizard.

Windows Internet Explorer will not be supported anymore by Yuki from 01-01-2019. If you use this browser, it is therefore no longer possible to install the Scan Wizard.


  • Some scanners have software that also allows you to scan to Dropbox of Google Drive. When you have shared Dropbox or Google Drive with Yuki, you have the same functionality as the Scan Wizard.
  • If your scanner has a mail function, you can also use the e-mail address for documents in Yuki to deliver your documents. You can find this e-mail address in 'My domain'.