You can submit your scans and documents in a simple way by sharing them with Yuki via Dropbox. Whether it involves documents that Yuki have to process or documents that you have to archive yourself. submitting the documents is organised in an instant.

How can you submit your documents?
You can submit documents by sharing a folder in your Dropbox directory with Yuki. The following names are reserved for your domain:,

  • <administration name> (company) : <domain name>

You can create those folders at any location in your Dropbox folder. For example as follows: C:\Dropbox\<domain name>.

If you want to use other directory names then you can adjust them by modifying the Email address for documents of your administration in the administration profile.

Share folders with Yuki
The next step you have to take is sharing the Dropbox folders with the Yuki Dropbox account. In the context-menu of a directory you can select 'Dropbox' and subsequently 'Share this folder...'.

Dropbox opens a webpage from where another Dropbox user can be invited to share the folder with you. Invite the user '' here. The option 'allow members to invite other people' must be deactivated. 

In the optional personal message you have to enter your unique code from the domain. Yuki will use this code to verify whether it is a legitimate request of an existing Yuki customer.

You will fnd this code as follows:

  • Log in to Yuki
  • Click on the PO Box icon in the navigation bar and then click on Submit. Subsequently, click on the Dropbox button.

  • In the now-opened screen you scroll downward with your mouse untill you see a yellow bar that contains the code.

    As soon as Yuki has confirmed your request you will thereupon receive an email of Dropbox.

Submit documents directly in the correct folder
Documents that you share with Yuki are offered to the 'To be handled by Yuki' folder. Do you want to store a document immediately in the right place in your archive? That is possible by using the correct folder structure. These folders will be created for you automatically.  Do you also want to store a document on the right tab in a folder then you just have to place the file in the correct subfolders. 

An example of a folder structure:

C:\Dropbox\<domain name>\Purchase

C:\Dropbox\<domain name>\Purchase\Invoices

C:\Dropbox\<domain name>\Purchase\Receipts

C:\Dropbox\<domain name>\Purchase\Quotations

C:\Dropbox\<domain name>\Purchase\Reminders

Documents that you offer to Yuki in this way will always be deleted automatically from the relevant Dropbox folder after they have been processed by Yuki. If the size of a file is too large ((larger than 25 MB) or placed in a unknown folder then the file will be deleted. You will find all the files that Yuki has received successfully as digital mail in the PO Box.

More help needed?

You can find more information about Dropbox and links to download Dropbox on