It is entirely possible that you print your sales invoices on letter paper. The company data mentioned on this letter paper is used by Yuki to process the documents as efficiently as possible. If the invoice is then submitted without letter paper later, it will be more difficult for Yuki to process the invoice, think for example of invoices that are printed and uploaded to Yuki as PDF. 

In order to help Yuki improve the processing of your sales invoices you can better store your sales invoices in the Sales folder directly. Below the steps that you have to follow are described: 

  • Click the Archive icon on the navigation bar and thenclick File cabinet.
  • Hereby choose the view where the folders are shown.
  • Open the Sales folder, by default this folder is opened with the Invoices tab.
  • Click the Upload documents or Scan button in order to upload or scan documents (see screenshot below).
  • The submitted documents will be processed as sales invoice.