Unprocessed documents

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It is possible that some documents or files that you have sent to Yuki cannot be processed by the back office. That could have a number of reasons: 

  • the document is not complete

  • the file contains more invoices or receipts

  • the document is badly or partially legible

  • the document is submitted and processed before

  • the file cannot be opened by Yuki

  • the import fle contains incorrect data

  • according to Yuki the document doesn't need to be processed in the administration.

These documents will be marked by the back office as not processed.

Only a user with the 'Management', 'Financial administration' or 'External accountant' role can settle the unprocessed documents.

How do I know which documents are not processed?

In order to view the documents or files that could not be processed click on the PO Box icon in the navigation bar and then, in the now-opened screen, click on Not processed

The list of unprocessed documents is opened, on the right side of the screen a screenshot of the document is shown. You can browse the list by using the arrow keys.

Which action should I take?
It is advisable to check the list regularly and where necessary settle it so the administration is complete. The required action depends on the reason why the documen is not processed.

  • Incomplete:
    • Problem: Often the continuation sheet is missing. Possibly the backside of the document.
    • Action: Scan the entire document (so all the relevant pages) again. Set the status of thhis document to 'Settled'.
  • Bundled documents
    • Problem: You have scanned several receipts simultaneously or you have placed several invoices in 1 PDF file.
    • Action: Submit the receipts or invoices separately. Only under certain conditions you can submit them bundled. 
  • Scan unreadable
    • Problem: The scan or the picture taken is not legible very well, thus certain relevant information cannot be recorded.
    • Action: Scan the receipt or the invoice again. Check yourself if all information on the scan or picture is legible.
  • Duplicate
    • Problem: The invoice or receipt resembles a document that has been recorded before. Probably it is a duplicate.
    • Action: Check in Yuki if the invoice is submitted and processed before. It can also be an invoice and a reminder or an order and an invoice..If according to you the document should be recorded then ask a question to Yuki.
  • Incorrect file format
    • Problem: The file cannot be opened by Yuki. The file format is unknown or is not supported. Often this is because of the file extension. 
    • Action: Check the extension of the file that you have submitted. A common mistake is that the extension consists of two parts like: document.march.pdf
  • Import file contains invalid or unknown data
    The import files of the bank or general journals must comply with strict requirements. If they don't then they cannont be processed by Yuki.
    • Problem: The file that you have submitted doesn't comply with the requirements.
    • Action: In the case of a bank file, check if the submitted format is supported by Yuki. If there is an import of general journals then check if the content complies with the requirements.. 

Handle the list of unprocessed documents regularly

It is advisable to regularly handle the list of unprocessed doucments. You have two options:

  • Submit a new, complete or corrected version of the document. Once you have done this, you can now delete the document in this list by clicking on the Mark as read button. The document will disappear form the overview of the not processed documents.
  • Ask a question if you don't agree with the conclusion of Yuki that the document cannot be processed. Click on the Question button to bring the document under the attention of the back office again.. Give a short explanation or further information about the document so it can still be processed.

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