The PO Box in Yuki is the communication centre between the users and the back office. It is the central place where all the documents and bank transactions are submitted, questions are asked and issues that need attention are checked.


Click on the PO Box icon in the navigation bar and the start screen of the PO Box is now opened:

In this start screen the most important features of the PO Box are shown. 



Documents and transactions for your accounting records can be submitted in various ways:

  • scan directly from Yuki

  • upload one file or multipe files at the same time

  • exchange files via a shared Dropbox folder

  • exchange files via a shared Google Drive folder

  • mail to the email address of the administration.

In process

in this overview the documents that need to be processed are shown. This represents the workflow of the back office. 


In this overview all the documents that were submitted are shown per selected period. Here you can see among other things when a document has been submitted and its status (pending or processed). 

Processed transactions

If you want to know in detail which transactions are charged over the previous month(s), this detailed overview will show you an indication of how many and which transactions have been processed by Yuki.


Questions (communication between user and back office)

The most important online communication between users and the back office takes place through the PO Box. Here the user can ask questions about the functioning of the software or the processing of documents. You can also file a complaint here or report transactions that are processed incorrectly. The back office also uses the PO Box to ask you questions or send you messages. If the back office for example doesn't know for sure how a document or transaction should be processed they will ask you a question through the PO Box. You can then simply open the question, check the document and subsequently give a short explanation.

Needs attention

Yuki continuously monitors as to whether the accounting records and the administration are complete and up-to-date. When Yuki observes something that needs attention then it will be displayed here. This concerns the following categories:

  • Spam
  • Digital mail
  • Not processed
  • Bank
  • Purchase
  • Sales
  • Unclear transactions. 

For a detailed description of these categories and the handling thereof, see article Points of attention in administration.


Scan forms

Here you find two standard forms that will make it more easier to submit certain information or documents to be processed by the back office. There is a scan form for submitting receipts or a standard form for a cashflow statement (excel or PDF). 

Expense claim

In order to prevent submitting the expense claim of employees on paper it is possible to directly submit the expense claim in a digital form.