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All screenshots in the article were taken in the Dutch version of Yuki.

After a domain is created it is important to record all data about the company (or companies) of which you are going to keep the financial records in this domain. You also have to record a number of things about the administration itself: what is the start date of the administration, who will file the VAT return etc. In order to do all this you have to follow the seven basic steps (read tabs) of the administration-wizard:

Dependent on the legal form of the company you then have to enter data about the shareholders, the directors and/or participations.


When an existing legal form switches to another legal form, there are a number of steps to go through in Yuki for the conversion. 

For a detailed description, see article Eenmanszaak/VOF omzetten naar BV (in Dutch).

A user with the 'Portal administrator' or a 'Back office' role in the domain can enter or change the company profile.

This is also possible for a user with the 'Management' or 'Financial administration' role in the domain.

The  BO screen will be opened if you open a domain that you have just created. Under Companies you will find the administrations in the domain. Next click on > in front of the relevant administration name in order to start entering the company profile.

The following screen is opened:

Click on the Edit button to enter or change the data.


If you want to change information later or you have to enter data about a second or next administration you can also do this by following the seven basic steps of the administration-wizard. Through My domain you always find all basic data and users of the relevant domain:

  • Click on the Switch domain icon in the navigation bar and then click on My domain
  • Click on the Home icon in the navigation bar and then click on the My domain tile
  • Click on the Settings icon in the navigation bar and then click on My domain in the now-opened screen.

A screen will be opened with all data about the domain and the administration(s).

General tab

General data about the company. 


The company logo can also be uploaded on this tab. The logo is used in various places such as on sales invoices created in Yuki.

Legal tab

This tab contains data about the legal form. Dependent on the chosen legal form specific information has to be recorded here like for example shareholders, directors and participations. Hereby the corresponding specific general ledger accounts are created automatically by Yuki.

In addition, customer specific remarks can be added that are brought to the attention of the back office employee while processing documents and bank transactions. 

If the financial records of only one administration are kept in the domain this administration will automatically be the default administration. 

Administration tab

On this tab you can view the contact code and enter data about the financial year of the administration. 

Taxes tab

Here you have to enter relevant data about taxes like tax numbers and VAT returns ICP (Intra-Community supplies) declarations.


  • From 01-01-2020 a company with the legal form sole proprietorship has to use the new VAT identification number.
  • From 01-01-2020 you have to specify the period during which the Small businesses scheme (KOR) should be applied in the administration.

Accountant tab

On this tab, the domain can be transferred from one of your own portals in Yuki to one of your other own (sub)portals when working with multiple portals from one office.

Petty cash tab

Here you can configure how Yuki should handle transactions paid in cash. There are three options::

  • You have a cash register for cash income and expenses (cash income and expenses are processed by means of a cashflow statement)
  • You have a company's cash for occasional cash expenses (cash income and expenses are processed directly in a company's cash that is created in Yuki)
  • You use your wallet and/or chipknip to pay for cash expenses  (cash income and expenses are processed as private).

Info tab

On this tab you can record background information about the company.


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