Company profile: Petty cash tab

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All screenshots in the article were taken in the Dutch version of Yuki.

The  BO screen will be opened if you open a domain that you have just created. 

The screen in which data of the company profile by means of the administration-wizard should be entered is opened as follows:

  • Under Companies you will find the administrations in the domain. 
  • Click on > in front of the relevant administration name to start entering the company profile of the administration.

  • Click on the Edit button in the now-opened screen to enter or change data on the Petty cash tab.

On this tab you can configure how Yuki should handle transactions paid in cash in the domain. There are three options:

  • You have a cash register for cash income and expenses (cash income and expenses are processed by means of a cashflow statement) 
    This is the best verifiable option and should be chosen if the company is dealing with payments in cash on a regular basis. If this option is chosen only a cashflow statement can be used in Yuki to process amounts that have been received or paid in cash. Sales invoices designated as paid in cash are recorded on a suspense account as well as cash withdrawals and/or deposits that are recorded from a bank transaction.
  • You have a company's cash (petty cash) for occasional cash expenses (payment method 'Cash' is available when processing a purchase invoice)
    Invoices and/or receipts with payment method 'Private payment' are directly processed as cash payments. Cash withdrawals at the bank will be processed directly as from the company's cash. Cash deposits at the bank will be processed directly as in company's cash. Important with this option is that the customer must upload a document of every cash withdrawal or deposit in the company's cash.
    This option is only recommended if the number of cash transactions is limited.
  • The company doesn't have a company's cash (payment method 'Private payment' is available when processing a purchase invoice)
    You use your wallet and/or chipknip to pay for cash expenses. In that case Yuki will consider all cash transactions as private transactions. Invoices or receipts paid in cash will be processed as a deposit on the private current account. Cash withdrawals from the corporate bank account (ATM) will processed as withdrawals for private use.
    This option is very suitable for small companies with only one owner or self-employed entrepreneurs.

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