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All screenshots in the article were taken in the Dutch version of Yuki.

The  BO screen will be opened if you open a domain that you have just created. 

The screen in which data of the company profile by means of the administration-wizard should be entered is opened as follows:

  • Under Companies you will find the administrations in the domain. 
  • Click  on > in front of the administration name to start entering the company profile of the administration.

  • Click on the Edit button in the screen now opened to enter or change data on the Administration tab.

On this tab you can view the contact code and enter data about the financial year of the administration. 

Contact code

A code that is used when exchanging data with the payroll administration.

Financial year

  • Specify whether the financial year runs from January until December. If this is not the case you have to specify on which date the split or extended financial year starts.

    A broken or extended financial year must be requested from and approved by the Tax authorities.

    An extended financial year must be shorter than 24 months (maximum 24 months minus 1 calendar day).

  • Specify as from which financial year the financial records should be kept in Yuki. All required opening balance entries will be processed on the last day before the start of the specified financial year.

    This value (for example 2018) is a setting that determines no transactions can be recorded before this year. If you nevertheless record an entry in a financial year before the first financial year in Yuki the following message will appear: "Transactions with an entry date before the start date of the administration need to be recorded in an opening balance". The opening balance is a special type of accounting document whereby entries can be recorded outside periods.
    If there are entries recorded in an administration the financial CAN'T be changed anymore. In case you still try to change the financial year the following message will appear: "Start date of administration can't be changed. there are already entries recorded in the opening balance on 31-12-2017 for {administration name}". The only way to change the financial year is to remove all the entries. This is for example possible by moving them temporarily to a next financial year by adjusting the date. It can happen that the 'Opening balance' documenttype also have to be adjusted to 'General account' and that some entries on 'Suspence account Opening balance {}' have to be temporarily placed on another ledger account.

In order to specify a different end date for a financial year per administration click on Advanced settings. The following screen is opened:

Click on the New button to specify a different end date for the financial year.

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