What is an administration in Yuki?

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All screenshots in the article were taken in the Dutch version of Yuki.

An administration is a sole proprietorship, general partnership (VOF), closed company (BV), limited company (NV), Foundation, Association or any entity that is registered with the Chamber of Commerce and/or of which the financial records are kept. In some cases the entity can also be a private person or a project of which the revenue and/or expenses are administered.


In a Yuki domain the financial records of several administrations can be kept. For example the operating holding company, the management holding company and the personal holding or simply all operating companies. The rights can be determined per adminstration. So not everyone needs acces to all administrations.


It is possible to have a complete overview of all administrations and search in all administrations. The financial numbers can be shown of all administrations or per administration. This is no consolidation but a summation. Also an overview of all bank accounts of all administrations can be shown so you will have a complete overview of the liquid assets. Transfers from one bank account to the other will be automatically processed correctly within an administration (through internal transfers) as well as within a domain to another administration (through current account).

An administration has more features that are important for the automatic processing of documents and bank transactions. It concerns information on shareholders, directors, return period, petty cash, payroll tax and accountant. This information is recorded while updating the company profile.


An administration in Yuki can have three different statuses:

  • Green dot
    The administration is ready for use: all necessary data has been recorded and documents to be processed for this administration can be submitted in Yuki.
  • Yellow dot
    The administration is not quite ready yet: basic data of this administration is missing. Therefore it is not yet possible to submit documents to Yuki. To complete the basic data click the name of this administration in the domain. You can then record the missing data (company profile) on a number of tabs.
  • Red dot
    The administration is inactive: the end date of the contract has expired.  You can only view data in this administration and perform work for private use.. It is not possible however to have documents processed in this administration by Yuki.. You can view data in inactive administrations als long as there is at least one active administration in the domain.

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