Once the accountant has activated the 'Self-accounitng' feature for your domain, a user with the 'Management' role in the domain can assign the 'Back office' role to a user. Each user with this role will have access to the Back office accounting functions and can therefore do all the accounting himself.


The 'Self-accounting' feature is only available in the Small, Medium, large or Unlimited bundle.

If you have not chosen a bundle yet, a message will appear stating that you must activate one of these bundles.

When opening your domain, the 'Back office' role can be assigned using the popup below. 

To assign the 'Backoffice' role to a user in your domain, click the Assign role link.

The following screen is opened:

Select the user(s) to whom the 'Back office' role should be assigned here.


The first user with the 'Back Office' role is free of charge and therefore included in the price of your bundle. For each additional user with the 'Back office' role in your domain, €25.00 will be charged monthly.