Every user in your domain has access to one or more administrations in the domain. This means that a user can view and/or change data in an administration depending on his or her role(s).

With the 'Access Control' function, a user's access to an administration can be denied or granted at any time.


  • When you grant a user access to an administration, all user roles with the corresponding rights of that user are transferred to the respective administration.
  • A user with the 'Back Office' (Zelfboeker) role in the domain has access to all administrations, regardless of the access control set for that user.

Adding additional users to a domain is only available when a user with the 'Management' role has chosen the Medium, Large or Unlimited bundle via the Yuki Store in the domain.

Only a user with the 'Management' role can grant or deny access to an administration.

Open My domain from different places in Yuki:

  • Click on the Switch domain icon above the navigation bar and then click on My domain
  • Click on the Home icon in the navigation bar and then click on the My Domain tile.
  • Click on the Settings icon in the navigation bar and then in the now-opened screen, click on My Domain.

In the screen now opened, click the name of the administration whose users' access you want to check:

Then, in the now-opened screen, click on Access control under Settings. The following screen is opened:

Click on the red cross behind a user to deny that user access to this administration.

Click on the Add user button and in the now-opened screen, search for and select the user you want to grant access to the administration.