When the setting VAT return approval is activated by the accountant, each VAT return that has been checked by the accountant has to be approved by the entrepreneur before the end of the month after the accounting period so the VAT return and the payment thereof will be received in time by the tax authorities.

Only a user with the 'Management', 'Financial administration' or 'External accountant' role in a domain can approve a VAT return.

As soon as the administrative office or the accountant has checked the VAT return the user specified for receiving Yuki messages concerning the VAT return (Who will receive messages about the VAT return?) will receive:

  • a message about the VAT return in his or her Yuki PO box  
  • an e-mail about the VAT return in his or her mailbox.

Message about VAT return

Email about VAT return

In addition, you will notice in the overview of VAT returns that the status of the VAT return is changed from 'Draft' to 'Ready to be sent'.

Approve VAT return (of Fiscal unity)

Hover your mouse over the Financials icon in the navigation bar and then click on VAT return. In the now-opened screen, open the relevant VAT return.

The following screen is displayed:

If you still have any questions about the VAT return then click on the I still have a question button, shown in an opened VAT

return, in order to send a question to the administrative office or accountant.

In order to approve the VAT return that is checked by the administrative office or accountant click on the Approve button so the VAT return will be send to the tax authorities.

The following message is displayed in your screen:

Click on the Send immediately button to actually send the VAT return to the Tax authorities.

The status of the VAT return will change from 'Ready to be sent' to 'Closed' in the VAT return itself and in the overview of VAT returns as soon as the receipt of the VAT return is acknowledged by the tax authorities.