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Modified on Fri, 03 Nov 2023 at 11:34 AM

What can you do if a contact occurs multiple times in your address book? You have two possibilities:

  • Delete the contact card that is redundant
  • Merge the two contacts.

Deleting a contact is only possible when there are no documents, transactions or other data linked to that contact. However, if this is the case then merging the contacts is the most convenient option. Merging is important so the matching of the payment with the unpaid invoice is more easy. Duplicate contacts can arise because the payment of a contact leads to a new address (contact). This is the case when the creditor is not found because it has another trade name. Duplicate contacts are not only always found by name but sometimes also by CoC number.

Merging, what does it do?

Merging two contacts makes sure that as many data as possible of both contacts is saved. So address detaills, phone numbers, email addresses, documents, et cetera are merged as much as possible on the card of the remaining contact. Subsequently the other card is deleted.

Merging, how do you do it?

Open the contact card that you actually want to delete via the address book. 

Then click on the Merge button. A search window will appear in which you can search for the second contact. That is the contact that will remain. If you have selected that contact then you will be asked to confirm the merging of the contacts. 


The data of the remaining card has priority. So when both contacts have a phone number then the phone number of the second contact will remain.

What will be merged?

In principle everything that is linked to that contact:

  • address details
  • email addresses
  • bank accounts
  • documents
  • entries / transactions
  • appointments
  • tasks
  • files / projects
  • email.

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