Yuki offers every user with access to a domain a 'personal' profile within that domain in Yuki.

To access this personal profile, click the user button on the right of your screen.

The following screen is opened:

In your personal profile you will find the following functionality:

  • Personal preferences
    Overview of all personal preferences you have set (see article Set personal preferences)
  • My profile
    Your address card with your contact details as well as all data currently linked to you, such as email addresses, bank accounts, documents, etc. 
  • Log out
    Click Log out to log out of your domain.

In addition, at the bottom of your personal profile you will find a number of links to specific data such as::

  • Privacy
    Yuki's Privacy statement. 
  • Logins
    Overview of your logins: date, type, via which website and IP address.
  • User activity
    Overview of the user activity in the domain.
  • Keyboard shortcuts
    Overview of all available keyboard shortcuts in the domain.