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Modified on Fri, 05 Jan 2024 at 09:13 AM

Your personal preferences determine among other things your user interface like colours, font and display layout. Also you can define for example how you want to upload your documents and files and how you want to handle your email in Yuki.

All configured settings such as the settings of your personal preferences, amolng others, are grouped and categorised in one place in your domain.

Your personal preferences can be opened from different places in Yuki:

  • In the top right of your screen, click on the user button and then click on Personal preferences
  • Hover your mouse over the Settings icon in the navigation bar and then, in the now-opened screen, click on Personal preferences. 

The following screen is opened:

A number of preferences can be set here:

  • General
  • Desktop
  • Messages
  • Enable Yuki notifications
  • Archive
  • Yuki scan wizard
  • Mail.


  • Language: Dutch, English or French
  • Font: Default or one of the fifteen other fonts
  • Font size: Extra large, Large, Default, Small or of Extra small
  • Separator for downloads: Semicolon or comma
  • Show currency symbol in lists (enabled when Foreign currency module is activated)
  • Show drop-down menus from navigation buttons.


  • Size
  • Background: Yuki white, one of the nine other backgrounds or your own image 
  • Position: Center, Stretch or Tile
  • Desktop text colour: Black or White.


  • Restore all hidden informational messages.

Enable Yuki notifications

  • Enable Yuki notifications: in a number of cases a pop-up notification will be displayed at the bottom right of your screen after you have installed a tool.


  • Upload multiple files mode: Use Ajax Uploader or Basic Uploader
  • View when uploading files: Thumbnail view, Details, List view or Icons.

Yuki Scan wizard

  • List of scanners: Show supported scanners or Show all available scanners.


Using the Scan Wizard is no longer supported. Therefore, we advise you to submit your documents to Yuki via another method.


  • Move to next message after changing or deleting email
  • Editor width: Full width or Paper width
  • Default address type: Send email by default to business or private addresses of contacts
  • Mail from unknown sender in separate folder: Place email of unknown sender in a separate folder or not
  • Show message after sending email: Extra confirmation that the email has been sent
  • Automatically delete mail from Recycle bin: After how many days the recycle bin should be emptied automatically
  • Enable email match rules.

Click the Save button to save the changed settings

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