When you have indicated that you want to log in to Yuki, the following login screen will open:

Your email address must be a valid email address (username) which identifies you as a user within all portals, domains and administrations within Yuki.

To log in to Yuki, enter your email address, and then click the Continue button.

If required, indicate that your login credentials should be saved on this computer.

The following screen is opened:

Then enter your password, this password is a word or phrase that is recommended to consist of at least eight characters, some of which must consist of lowercase or capital letters, numbers and punctuation marks.

Then click the Log in with your Yuki account button.


If you have a Visma Connect account, click the Log in with Visma Connect button.

If you have forgotten your password, click Forgot your password?

For a detailed description of how to set a new password, see article Forgot password.

Yuki has defined a set of rules which determines whether a password is considered a sufficiently strong password. One of these rules is that the password must be strong or very strong. This means that the password should not be easy to guess or easily cracked by so-called dictionary attacks.  

For a detailed description of this set of rules, see article Password policy.

If you have enabled two-factor authentication in your address card for an extra layer of security when logging in, after entering your username and password, you must also enter the 6-digit code generated by the Google or Microsoft Authenticator app on your mobile phone.

For a detailed description of two-factor authentication (2FA), see article Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) in Yuki