The dashboard (also known as the start screen or homepage) is the first screen that you enter after logging in. This screen has an important communication function, alerts you to things that need your attention (alerts) and can serve as a shortcut for applications or documents that you often need.

From any screen in Yuki, you can always return to your dashboard by clicking the Start icon on the navigation bar.

Communicate via the dashboard

Yuki will regularly leave messages for you on the dashboard. When you log in, that message will be shown on your screen. This can be information about changes in Yuki, about the status of your domain or administration. Yuki also asks (the owner of the domain) to occasionally indicate whether you are satisfied with Yuki and the back office.


The dashboard consists of a grid of a number of tiles. In each tile, you can create a shortcut to a function, overview or document that you regularly look for. Click an empty tile to bring up the list of available shortcuts and click the Add option. You can also create your own shortcut to a web address outside Yuki by clicking the Add external link option.

Alerts or points of attention

Some shortcuts also have an alert in them. If there are still things that need your attention, the tiles light up red and show how many things still need to be dealt with. Examples are the PO Box, Digital mail, Payment list, VAT return or Task list shortcut.