For a lot of Yuki users a domain will be the same as the online administration of his or her company. Within a domain the financial records of one or more administrations can be kept. This has the following implications:

  • within one domain all addresses are shared, separate domains are not related to each other
  • within one domain the current account between the mutual administrations are handled automatically, mutual invoices need to be uploaded both as sales and as purchase
  • within one domain the rights can be partially be separated per administration
  • within one domain only one country specific legislation can be kept
  • to split a domain afterwards is difficult. 

A (Yuki-)domain is a secured (among others via HTTPS) private area on the Internet for the Yuki customer. A domain is just like a commercial website accessible via an unique internet address (for example A domain name is in fact an unique internet address. All Yuki customer domain names (read internet addresses) are constructed as follows:

https://{company name}

As you see, the company name without spaces is often used for the domain.

In Yuki each customer (entrepreneur) has its own domain or sometimes even more than one domain. A domain can consist of one or more administrations and users can be created that have total or partial access to this domain. A domain is also used to configure setitngs and rights.