Points of attention in administration

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Yuki is constantly monitoring if the accounting records and the administration are complete and up-to-date. When invoices are missing or the delivery of  bank transactions require extra attention this will be shown with the attention points. Also certain data that is submitted but not processed will be added to these attention points.

Only a user with a 'Back office' role in the domain or the 'Management', Financial administration' or 'External accountant' role can view the attention points.

Only a user with the 'Management', Financial administration' or 'External accountant' role can settle the attention points.

Click the PO Box icon and view in the screen now opened under Needs attention all issues that need your attention.    

Check these issues very well and also settle them after you have checked them. If necessary take action so you list of attention points is an indication of what you still have to do in order to keep you accounting records in order.


Challenge yourself to bring down the counter position of the attention points to '0'.


Here you will find all documents received by e-mail that have been marked as spam by yourself or by the back office and then placed in this folder Spam. All documents marked as spam can be manually returned to the digital mail and thus restored to the back office workflow.

For a detailed description of the Spam folder see article Spam.

Digital mail

In this overview a list of documents is shown that are offered to Yuki from an external source. These are for example e-mails that are sent to your Yuki email address or documents submitted via Dropbox or Google Drive. Invoices received via Peppol can also be found here.

Documents that you have scanned or uploaded yourself are not shown in this overview.  

The purpose of this overview is to make you aware of documents that are maybe wrongfully offered to your administration. Check the list for documents originating from 'conspicuous providers'. If you don't find them then select all the documents and settle them. If you find a suspicious document then send a question to the back office so they can take action.

For a detailed description of documents submitted via an external source, see article Digital mail.

Not processed
Sometimes the back office cannot process certain documents or bank files. This can be for various reasons:

  • The scan is badly or only partially legible

  • The document has been submitted before (duplicate)

  • The document doesn't need to be kept in the accounting records of this administration

  • The bank file is not recognized

  • Other reason.

If the back office sees such a document or file this wil be marked as not processed. Under the attention point 'Not processed' you will find a list of those documents. You have to judge by yourself whether or not the document should be submitted again. What was rightfully not processed (duplicate, wrong administration etc.) need not be submitted again. Bring this list regularly up-to-date by selecting the documents and settle them.

For a detailed description of the unprocessed documents, see article Unprocessed documents.

Under the attention point the following three issues are perceived:

  • Bank accounts wherefore Bankrekeningen waarvoor minimaal 1 maand geen transacties meer zijn ontvangen

  • Bank accounts whereof transactions are missing (misisng statement or incomplete export)

  • Bank accounts whereof the opening balance is missing whereby the final balance is not correct.

If there are attention points in this list then make sure that the missing information is submitted. The alerts wil disappear after the missing issues are processed. 

For a detailed description of the bank's completeness, see article Completeness of bank. 

Purchase and Sales

Here the invoices are shown that are missing according to the check of Yuki. Most of the time it concerns payments from or to a bank account or credit card whereof the corresponding invoice is missing in the administration.

Sometimes invoices that may be associated with the bank transactions are also shown.

For a detailed description of the completeness of the purchase and sale see articles Completeness of purchase and Completeness of sales.

Unclear transactions

Here all documents and bank transactions are shown that have been recorded to ledger account 23020 Unclear transactions because it is not clear for the back office how these should be booked.

However, once the user has given an explanation or a question has been asked by the back office, the document or bank transaction will disappear form the overview. 

For a detailed description of the unclear transactions see article Status of unclear transactions.

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