For a complete administration Yuki checks if all the sales invoices are present. This is done on the basis of outstanding payments: all payments whereof no sales invoice could be found in Yuki are included in a report. This check is performed daily. It is advisable to view this report regularly and take action in order to complete your administration as much as possible. 

This report can be settled in the following ways:

  • Click the pencil behind the outstanding payment whereby the menu with actions is opened
  • Click the description of the outstanding payment whereby in the screen now opened the payment can be split or the Actions button can be used (only possible for a user with the 'Financial administration' or 'External accountant' role). 

Only a user with the 'Management', 'Financial administration' or 'External accountant' role can handle the completeness of sales report.

An user with the 'Management' role however cannot record an outstanding payment directly in the costs or revenue (and thus VAT), or split a payment

The completeness of purchase report can include the following: 

  • Outstanding payments whereby no purchase invoice is found 
  • Outstanding payments grouped by contact 
  • The balance per contact, made up of outstanding payments and sales invoices 
  • Actions to indicate per payment what should happen with this payment.

Below the several options of the menu with actions that is opened by clicking the pencil behind the outstanding payment are described.

Click the PO Box icon on the navigation bar and next click Purchase in the screen now opened.  

The following screen is opened:


You can edit the list of items whereof possibly a sales invoice is missing yourself. All payments whereof no sales invoice is found, have a green backgound. The sales invoices and receipts that are not yet linked to a payment are shown in grey.  


In order to react to this report and help Yuki to complete your administration you have to click the pencil at the end of a line with an outstanding payment.

The following menu with actions is opened:

There are different possibilities:

  • You still have the invoice. Click the first option in the menu. The line with the outstanding payment will turn light grey. Yuki then knows that the invoice will be submitted soon.

    The next time that you open the report an icon will be shown behind every payment whereof you still have to submit the invoice.

  • Other reasons. If one of the above options is not adequate then click the second option in the menu. You will get the opportunity to give an explanation. It could for example be the case that the invoice is already present in Yuki but has been recorded with another customer.

Handle question

When you have gone through the completeness of sales report from a question sent by the back office and have taken the necessary actions you can switch back to the original question that contained the report by clicking the black cross in the upper right of the report. 

The same report will appear again, Behind every payment whereof you still have to submit the invoice an arrow is shown. This is to clarify to you which documents you still have to submit.

Then inform the back office of the status of your sales by answering the question and then clicking on the 'Send' button.

The completeness of sales report sent by the back office can also be forwarded to another user with access to your domain by means of the 'Forward' button.