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Modified on Fri, 31 May 2024 at 01:46 PM

In Yuki you have the possibility to block or close an administration till a certain date.

Only a user with the role 'Portal back office controller', 'Domain back office controller' or the role 'External accountant' can block or close an administration.

A user with the role 'Management' can only view the blocking and/or closing dates of the administration(s).

An administration can only be blocked when all VAT returns and payroll tax assessments have been created in the administration. All VAT returns must have the 'Historic' or 'Closed' (sent and receipt acknowledged by the tax authorities) status. The VAT supplement may still have the 'Draft' status. 

However, an administration can only be closed when the VAT supplement has the 'Historical' or 'Closed' status as well.


The moment you want to block a financial year of an administration that serves as a Fiscal unit, all VAT returns of all administrations that are part of the Fiscal unit must have the status “Historical” or “Closed”.


The closing date can be added as a column to the Administrations overview in the accountant portal.

Block administration

You have the possibility to 'block' an administration till a certain date so in Yuki no transactions that will result in entries that are recorded before or on that date can be processed anymore.

Only a user with the 'Portal back office controller' role, the 'Back office controller' role in the domain or the 'External accountant' role can stil change or record transactions.

Close administration

When you want to close a financial year in Yuki so no user can make changes in that year anymore then you have to 'close' the administration as it were for further changes in that financial year.

All configured settings like the blocking of an administration are gathered and categorised in one place in your domain.

Open the settings of your domain by clicking on the Settings icon in the navigation toolbar and then, in the now-opened, click on Block and close.

The following screen is opened:

Subsequently you have to specify which administration you want to block or close (when there are multiple administrations in one domain) and then you enter the last day of the period that you want to check (for example 31-12-2017 of financial year 2017).

You can remove the blocking or closing of an administration by replacing the date by an earlier date or deleting the date entirely and then click on Save.

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