The owner of a domain with the 'Management' role can cancel one or more administrations directly from the domain. When you cancel the contract of an administration you still have to pay until the end of the current month for this administration. During this month transactions will still be processed by Yuki. 


A user with the role 'Portal administrator' (administration office or accountant) can also cancel the contract of one or more administrations

Cancelling the contract of an entire domain (with one or more administrations) can only be done by an user with the 'Portal administrator' (administrative office or accountant) role.


When you want to cancel an administration and the notification that you don't have access to this feature is displayed then you are not the 'owner' of the domain. In that case you have to contact your administrative office or accountant so this can possibly be changed.

After a contract has expired Yuki will set the status of the cancelled administration automatically to 'Inactive'. An inactive administration remains visible in the overview of all administrations in the domain. 

When the other administrations in the domain remain active the details of the inactive administration can still be viewed. However, it is not possible to process data in this administration anymore. 

'My domain' can be opened from different places in Yuki:

  • Click on the Switch domain icon in the navigation bar and then click on My domain
  • Click on the Home icon in the navigation bar and then click on the My domain tile
  • Click on the Settings icon in the navigation bar and then, in the now-opened screen, click on My domain.

Click on the Contract button.

The following screen is opened:

At the right of the contract line of each administration the Cancel contract button is shown.

Before the contract of the administration is actually cancelled the notification below will be displayed on your screen: 

Information for the back office

When the cancelled administration was the default administration of the domain and you want to set the other administration as the default administration you have to proceed as follows:

  • Open the Legal tab of the company profile of the relevant administration
  • Click on the Edit button
  • At the bottom of the tab you find the Default option, when you select this the relevant administration will be the default administration in the domain.

  • Click on the Save button.