In Yuki you can view an overview of all bank accounts that are created for contacts in a domain. You can also see at a glance which bank accounts have already been confirmed (verified) for use in payments from the payment list via a SEPA payment file.

Hover your mouse overthe Contacts icon on the navigation bar and then click Bank accounts

The following screen is opened:

Click the New bank account button in order to create a new bank account. 

In the Search box you can search for a bank account by Contact, Bank account, Account owner and BIC.

All the columns in this overview can be sorted descending or ascending. 

By clicking > in front of a bank account ór the account owner you can view, change or delete the bank account. The following screen is opened:

In this screen you also have the possibility to view all the processed documents that are linked to this bank account by clicking the Documents button. The verification of the bank account for use in payments can be undone by clicking the Undo verification button.

When the payment list is not activated only a user with the 'Management', 'Financial administation' or 'External accountant' role can verify a bank account or undo this verification.

If a bank account is not yet verified for use in payments then it can still be verified by clicking the Verify button in the screen below.