Hover your mouse over the Contacts icon on the navigation bar and then click Contacs

The following screen is opened:

In this screen you can view the following from upper left to bottom right:

  • Search: on all address details shown.
  • Contacts per type: click an icon in order to view a list of the contacts (customers, suppliers, administrations, employees, companies and persons).
    The 'UBL' icon is only available when the accountant has registered the administrations in the domain for receiving UBL invoices.
  • Recently viewed contacts: double-click a contact in order to view and/or change the contact card.
  • Important contacts: you create a 'favorites' list by selecting 'Important number' on the contact card.

Different contact types

You can view a number of overviews of contacts that show in fact the same list but with another contact type. The different contact types are: customers, suppliers, administrations, employees, companies and persons. 

Click the icon of the contact type of which you want to view the list. Below a screenshot is shown of the list view of contact type 'Supplier':

In this screen you can use the following buttons and/or drop-down menus:

  1. Create a new contact (company or person).
  2. Only show the active, the inactive ór all contacts.
  3. Choose the filter that you want to apply on the contacts: all fields, Name, City, Postal code, Tag, Email address, Website, Phone, Contact code, CoC number, VAT number, Bank account or Supplier code
  4. Next enter the actual selection criteria. By clicking the Search button the filter is applied to the list. 
  5. Show all contacts.
  6. Only show the contacts in my address book.
  7. Show the list view.
  8. Show the contacts as business cards.
  9. Show the tag cloud.
  10. Show extra filters in order to group the contacts:
    • With entries on a GL account: you can enter a GL account in the search box. Yuki wil now show all contacts that have entries on that GL account.
    • With sales invoices: Yuki shows the contacts to which sales invoices are linked.
    • With purchase invoices: Yuki shows the contacts to which purchase invoices are linked.
    • With sales item: if you enter a sales item in the search box Yuki will show the contacts to which that sales item has been delivered.

  11. Adjust the columns shown in this overview. You can add for example the 'Email (work)', Email (invoice)' and/or 'Email (all)' columns.
    All columns can be sorted descending or ascending.

  12. Show the overview shown as a PDF file that you can subsequently download or print.

  13. Download the overview shown as a CSV file (Excel).

By clicking a letter of the alphabet all contacts whose name starts with that letter will be shown. 

All columns, except the 'Website' column, can be sorted descending or ascending. 

By clicking > in front of a contact ór the name of a contact you can open and/or change the contact card of that company or person.