When you use the Knab accounting link with Yuki all your bank transactions will be automatically processed in the online administration in Yuki. You never have to download or upload transactions again! In this way your bank is up to date daily and so you can anticipate more precisely on the payment behaviour of your customers. 

The Knab bank transactions are automatically retrieved by Yuki once a day between 10.20 a.m. and 6.20 p.m. from Tuesday to Saturday (including public holidays).

Yuki has also implemented an accounting link with ABN AMRO, Rabobank and ING.


Check in the domain if the relevant bank account has already been created!

When the bank account is not created Yuki will not know for which domain the automatically via the accounting link retrieved transactions are intended.

Activate accounting link in Yuki

In order to establish the accounting link with Knab, the feature must be added by the accountant to the contract of your domain.


In a domain with the bundle pricing model, the accountant has to click the 'Beheer accountant features' button at the details (settings) of the domain in the portal then activate the Knab accountng link feature.

In a domain without the bundle pricing model, the accountant has to activate the Knab accounting link via the Yuki Store in the domain.

Request for accounting link with Knab

You also have to let Knab know that you want to activate the accounting link. 

Only the owner of a domain (with an Knab debit card) can request for the accounting link and maintain it.

Read the text below or watch the 'Hoe maak je een boekhoudkoppeling?' demo (website Knab)!

You can activate the accounting link by going through the following steps:

  • Log in in your Persoonlijke Bankomgeving
  • Navigate to Betalen at the top in the menu and then click Boekhoudkoppeling
  • Then click Maak een boekhoudkoppeling
  • Select the bank account(s) that you want to link
  • Then click the Yuki icon and go through the steps described in the screens below and finally use your Knab debit card and Card reader to confirm the link:

The accounting link wil be active the next business day.

Stop accouning link with Knab

The Knab accounting link feature should be removed from the contraxt of your domain by the accountant. However, this does not actually stop the accounting link. The owner of a domain (with knab bank card) must also stop the accounting link via Internet banking at the bank in question.