Yuki cooperates with ABN AMRO in order to daily retrieve the new deposits and withdrawals of your payment account and/or your deposit account which is linked to a current account and import them in Yuki. In this way your bank in Yuki is up to date every day and you don't have to download transactions and upload them in Yuki yourself anymore.

The ABN AMRO bank transactions are automatically retrieved by Yuki from Tuesday to Saturday (including holidays) once a day between 4.40 and 17.40 hours.


ABN AMRO cannot retrieve the transactions of all bank accounts via the accounting link. The transactions of the G-account for example cannot be retrieved. Those transactions have to be downloaded manually from ABN AMRO and uploaded in Yuki.

Yuki has also implemented an accounting link with Rabobank, ING and Knab.


Check in the domain if the relevant bank account has already been created!

When the bank account is not created Yuki will not know for which domain the automatically via the accounting link retrieved transactions are intended.

Activate accounting link in Yuki

In order to establish the accounting link with ABN AMRO, the feature must be added by the accountant to the contract of your domain.

In a domain with the bundle pricing model, the accountant has to click the 'Beheer accountant features' button at the details (settings) of the domain in the portal then activate the ABN AMRO accountng link feature.

In a domain without the bundle pricing model, the accountant has to activate the ABN AMRO accounting link via the Yuki Store in the domain.

Request for accounting link with ABN AMRO

You also have to let ABN AMRO know that you want to activate the accounting link. 

Only the owner of a domain (with an ABN AMRO debit card) can request for the accounting link and maintain it.

You can activate the accounting link by going through the following steps: 

  • Navigate to the website van ABN AMRO and open the Hoe werkt de boekhoudkoppeling? web page
  • To open the application form, click the Direct aanvragen button on this web page.
  • You will find the contract number that you have to enter in the form by clicking the Switch domain button in the upper left of your screen in the domain and then click My domain
  • Click the Contract button in the upper right of your screen

  • You see the contract number in the screen now opened 

Yuki will be notified automatically about the accounting link.

After your request it can take an average of two weeks before the link is activated by the ABN AMRO.

Unfortunately the link cannot retrieve 'old' transactions. All bank transactions up to the date of activation must therefore still be submitted by you.

Stop accounting link with ABN AMRO

The ING accounting link feature should be removed from the contraxt of your domain by the accountant. However, this does not actually stop the accounting link. The owner of a domain (with ING bank card) must also stop the accounting link via Internet banking at the bank in question.