Yuki has developed a service in cooperation with the ING in order to facilitate the daily update of your accounting. The service provides for the retrieval of the latest bank transactions at your bank every morning and prepares the transactions for processing by Yuki. In this way your bank is up to date daily and so you can anticipate more precisely on the payment behaviour of your customers. Unfortunately, the savings accounts are not involved.

ING bank transactions are automatically retrieved by Yuki once a day (except on public holidays) between 4.40 am and 5.40 pm..


The accounting link can also be used to submit the bank transactions from a G account.

Yuki has also implemented an accounting link with Rabobank, Knab and ABN AMRO.


Check in the domain if the relevant bank account has already been created!

When the bank account is not created Yuki will not know for which domain the automatically via the accounting link retrieved transactions are intended.

Activate accounting link in Yuki

In order to establish the accounting link with ING, the feature must be added by the accountant to the contract of your domain.

In a domain with the bundle pricing model, the accountant has to click the 'Beheer accountant features' button at the details (settings) of the domain in the portal then activate the ING accountng link feature.

In a domain without the bundle pricing model, the accountant has to activate the ING accounting link via the Yuki Store in the domain.

Request for accounting link with ING

You also have to let ING know that you want to activate the accounting link. 

Only the owner of a domain (with an ING debit card) can request for the accounting link and maintain it.

Read the text below in order to activate the link or view the information on web page Koppeling boekhoudpakket (website ING)!

You can activate the accounting link by going through the following steps:

  • Log in in Mijn ING Zakelijk
  • In the lower-right hand corner of the screen. click Koppeling boekhoudpakket in the Gegevens en instellingen menu
  • In the list now shown, select Yuki as your accounting software.
  • Then click the Aanvragen/wijzigen button
  • You are now on the Yuki landing page. Here you log in with your Yuki login details
  • Mark the Transacties box behind the account to be linked with the ING
  • Click the Bewaren en terug naar ING Bank button
  • In the screen now opened, there is a check mark behind the account you want to link with Yuki.

    Agree to the terms and conditions.

  • Confirm the link request via the Mobiel Bankieren App or the ING scanner.
  • Confirm the link request by clicking the Bevestigen met TAN-code button, enter the  TAN-code, and then click the Verzenden button.
  • In the confirmation screen, you can view an overview of the linked accounts by clicking the Bekijk de koppeling(en) link and selecting Yuki from the displayed list of accounting software.

After your request it can take up to a maximum of 24 hours before the link is active.

Stop accounting link with ING

The ING accounting link feature should be removed from the contraxt of your domain by the accountant. However, this does not actually stop the accounting link. The owner of a domain (with ING bank card) must also stop the accounting link via Internet banking at the bank in question.