In a domain, you can set which user per administration will receive the messages from Yuki.

Only an user with the 'Management' role or the owner of the domain can set the messages of Yuki.

The messages concern the following:

  • Questions about the administration
  • Messages about the VAT return
  • Questions about the points of attention (for example documents that cannot be processwill ed)
  • Tasks related to pay slips.
    This setting only applies when the Nmbrs, Loket or Yuki payroll service is used.

All configured settings such as the settings of the messages, among others, are grouped and categorised in one place in your domain.

Open the settings of your domain by clicking the Settings icon on the navigation bar and then click Messages in the screen now opened.

The following screen is opened:

Here for each administration you can set who Yuki sends messages to regarding the following topics:

  • Who will normally receive the questions Yuki has about the administration?
  • Who will receive messages about the VAT return (automatic reminders and actions)?

    By selecting 'No recipient' you will not receive messages about the VAT return for the administration (in case you're sure that you are monitoring this yourself).

  • Who will receive messages about the points of attention, such as documents that can't be processed or are missing?
  • Who will receive tasks concerning the pay slips?

    Messages about the pay slips can only be sent to a user with the 'Management' or 'HRM' role.