Completeness of bank (Entrepreneur)

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Yuki checks every month if your administration is complete. Among others the bank will be reviewed. All irregularities are included in a report. It is advisable to view this report regularly and take action in order to make your administration as complete as possible.

Only a user with the 'Management', 'Financial administration' or 'External accountant' role can settle the report of completeness of the bank. 

The completeness of bank report may contain three notifications:

  • Unknown opening balance: the balance of a bank account at the start of a financial year is unknown to Yuki, hereby the final balance is not ocrrect
  • Missing bank transactions: there are bank transactions missing in the total of the bank transactions that you have submitted (missing statement or incomplete export)
  • Bank accounts not up to date: you have not submitted new bank transactions (at least 1 month) for some time. 

Click on the PO Box icon in the navigation bar and then click on Bank.  

The following screen is opened: 

The fact that this information is missing means that the balance of your bank account(s) in Yuki doesn't correspond with the actual situation of your bank account(s). It can also mean that the list of due invoices of customers and suppliers still contains invoices that have been paid already. It is important to prevent this, in so fas as possible.

What can I do to make the administration complete again?

Unknown opening balance

If the report indicates that the opening balance is missing then this means that the first statement that has been submitted contained an opening balance. However Yuki couldn't determine if the opening balance was indeed the correct one at the start of the financial year. You can solve this by scanning the last statement of the previous financial year (usually the one dated 31 december). On the basis of that statement Yuki can then reconciliate the opening balance.

Missing bank transactions (statements)

There are missing statements (we also call this a gap in the statements) if two consecutive statements don't match. You probably have entered an incorrect date once when exporting bank transactions of you didn't scan a specific statement number. The report shows from which date till which date Yuki didn't receive any bank transactions. In order to still submit these you have to go to the internet site of your bank and there search for all transactions to be exported from and till this date. Upload that export file in Yuki again. Doesn't the bank have this data again because it dates back too long or the bank transactions cannot be exported electronically anymore then submit the corresponding paper statements by scanning them.

Bank account is not up to date

Have you not submitted bank transactions for some time then this is a reminder to do so again. You may ignore this notification if no bank mutations on that bank account have occurred since that time. Your balance should correspond with the last known balance of your bank account.

What to do if you don't have the transactions anymore?

If for one reason or another you really don't have the missing information anymore then send a request (through the questions) to Yuki in order to temporarily write-off the missing amounts. Your accountant will definitely find a solution later. If necessary it can be requested from your bank once again. 

Handle question

When you have gone through the completeness of bank report from a question sent by the back office and have taken the necessary actions you can switch back to the original question that contained the report by clicking on the black cross in the upper right of the report.

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